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8/11/2020: SEE 1306525GT, 1306526GT and 1306527GT FOR O-RING REPLACEMENTS (ECN 200212A) ***************************************************************************************************************************************** FILL/CHECK PLUG PN 128839GT 106125 BRAKE SEAL KIT 106126 BEARING KIT 146051 BEARING NUT 215777 INPUT CARRIER .232486 COVER SNAP RING 7"OD NEXT PAGE FLUID REFILL IS APPROX 22 OZ. ________________________________________ REPLACED BY P/N 139330 ON S40 S/N 09-015678. 58320 TORQUE HUB COVER P/N 139330 IS BACKWARD COMPATIBLE BUT DO NOT MIX 139330 & 101584 ON SAME UNIT. INTERCHANGEABLE WITH P/N 139330 ONLY AS A COMPLETE SET. DO NOT MIX P/N 139330 WITH 101584 (DIFFERENT GEAR RATIOS). PLEASE CHECK STOCK ON P/N 101584-R. 106117 SMALL O-RING FOR BRAKE PORT 106119 GEARBOX SEAL KIT 106120 WHEEL STUD 106121 DISCONNECT ROD 106122 DISENGAGE CAP 106123 END COVER O-RING 106124 BRAKE LINING KIT