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C10 Auger Tooth (RC1LR-SN TX)
C10 Auger Tooth (RC1LR-SN TX)
C10 Auger Tooth (RC1LR-SN TX)
  1. C10 Auger Tooth (RC1LR-SN TX)
  2. C10 Auger Tooth (RC1LR-SN TX)
  3. C10 Auger Tooth (RC1LR-SN TX)

C10 Auger Tooth (RC1LR-SN TX)

This item ships in Pack Quantities direct from a Terex partner. Items typically ship within 2-5 days of an order being placed.

Product Overview

This item ships in pack (bucket) quantities of 75. Must add 75 individual teeth to cart for proper shipment.

Auger teeth are crucial components that attach to the auger's spiral shaft, facilitating the drilling process by breaking through soil, rock or other substrates.

The C10 Auger Tooth by Terex is used for utility excavation, mining, or construction purposes. It is engineered to provide durability, efficiency and effectiveness in drilling processes, contributing to improved productivity and reduced downtime for machinery.

The C10 Auger Tooth is optimized for cutting, digging, and breaking up different types of ground materials, ensuring longevity and reliability during drilling applications. Experience the difference today at your next jobsite!