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Hastings #8401 Platform, 4' Fiberglass Adjustable
  1. Hastings #8401 Platform, 4' Fiberglass Adjustable

Hastings #8401 Platform, 4' Fiberglass Adjustable

This item ships in Pack Quantities direct from a Terex partner. Items typically ship within 2-5 days of an order being placed.

Product Overview

Hastings Insulated Platforms Hastings' Fiberglass Platforms "Baker Boards" come complete with braces and chain tightener for attaching to poles. The work platforms are designed for maximum safety and ease of installation and meet all electrical and mechanical OSHA and ASTM specifications. Constructed bright yellow pultruded, channel-style fiberglass, which is UV protected and easy to clean and maintain. Platforms have permanent non-slip surface. Platforms are available in 30", 42", 4', 6' , & 10' lengths. Platforms are available fixed or adjustable when used with the pivot attachment which will allow the platform to be positioned in 30 degree increments up to 180 degrees. Pivot attachment will allow platform to swivel under load. The adjustable platforms will accept a tripod rail assembly or a horizontal style fiberglass rail assembly option. The rail assemblies permit linemen to move freely while maintaining their balance. The rail assembly's hinge and store flat on top of the platform by simply removing the "keeper pin". The rail assemblies are to be considered as a positioning device, NOT as the shock-load anchor point or a side-load anchor point.