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Salisbury Rubber Insulating Sleeves  #D4LRY-EC-R
  1. Salisbury Rubber Insulating Sleeves  #D4LRY-EC-R

Salisbury Rubber Insulating Sleeves #D4LRY-EC-R


Product Overview

Salisbury's Rubber Insulating Sleeves are available in class 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Rubber Sleeves are designed to extend coverage of the arm from the cuff of the rubber insulating gloves to the shoulder, protecting these areas from accidental contact with energized conductors and equipment. Salisbury offers a dipped-type sleeve that is manufactured by dipping porcelain forms into liquefied rubber. The dipped sleeves have the same softness and flexibility as Salisbury Rubber Insulating Gloves. Salisbury also offers a molded sleeve manufactured by injection molding methods. The molded sleeves are extremely durable and have the added benefit of being resistant to ozone and ultraviolet radiation. Both types meet the requirements of ASTM D 1051. Available in a full range of styles, colors, and sizes.