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Buckingham #9CCQ1-16 Buckup-Lanyard
  1. Buckingham #9CCQ1-16 Buckup-Lanyard

Buckingham #9CCQ1-16 Buckup-Lanyard


Product Overview

The BuckUp-Lanyard™ is one of the most versatile lanyards available on the market. Lanyard features numerous connection points for easy one-handed adjustability as a work positing device or can be used as a mobile anchor point for rescue and creating mechanical advantage. This work positioning system allows for easy adaptation to any climbing style or need and is ready for any situation you might find your self in out in the field.

  • 16� 8MM RIT Prusik
  • 13� 8MM Cord with Thimble attachment (for additional anchor point).
  • 30� 8MM Eye-to-Eye.
  • DMM Pinto Pulley.
  • 4 Triple Action Carabiners.